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Tip: Favorite People in Outlook 2013

Do you have favorite contacts? I don’t mean ones that you love more than others, I mean people that you need to get in touch with more frequently. Could be your boss, your best friend or a colleague.

So first off where do these favorites reside? Hover your mouse over the People shortcut at the bottom of the Outlook 2013 window and up pops a little window with your favorite contacts in.

Here you can see a few people that I have added to my favorites.

People Favorites
Favorites on my PC

To add someone to Favorites:

Find them in the header of an email they just sent you

Right Click over the email address

Click Add to Favorites

Add to favorites
Add to favorites

Now Matt has been added to my list of favourite contacts.

Newly added favorite
My newly added favorite

How many people will you have in your favorites?

Shelley Fishel


2 thoughts on “Tip: Favorite People in Outlook 2013

    I have added some people to my favorites in Outlook 2013. Thank you.
    When I hover over the people icon and the names pop up, I then click on the name I want. There are icons at the bottom of the name box for email, phone, etc. only the email icon is active, the other ones are gray – how do I get the other functions active?

    Hi Gary thanks for commenting. I am not entirely sure to be honest. When I hover over a name in the People Favourites and get the icons they all look grey, it is only when I hover on a particular icon that it goes live so to speak.

    I can only think that you don’t have Skype for Business or Lync 2013 on your machine which would mean that the IM icon and the Call and Video icons had nowhere to go. The IM is for Lync 2013 which is now Skype For Business and the Call and Video icons all connect to that too so that you can make calls and video calls using Skype for Business.

    Not sure if that helps at all.


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