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Your brand is your flag!

Bespoke IT training helps you fly it!

IT Training helps your brand fly

If you have been following the previous blogs you will have met Jennifer and Matt and learned about their challenges and how they were overcome.

Now that Jennifer has mastered the joy of templates and Matt the joy of spreadsheets, what impact do you think that has on the business brand?

Consistency is key to re-enforcing your brand message not just in terms of content but also in terms of style and impact. One set of templates and styles set up alongside your brand guidelines and Jennifer does not have to be the only person assigned this task! She can show others how simple and easy it is to use them or point them to our online training modules to help them with specific issues. And Matt’s creative juices can be allowed free reign to be inventive with the brand message – which is what he was hired for!

No more re-inventing the wheel and no more mixed messages to the outside world – or inside for that matter. In any organisation employees will be your brand ambassadors, so they need the right tools and training to do their very best to look after the brand – inside and outside the company. When they see how much you care about the brand and them, they will recognize your inspiration and leadership and care about it too.

So when your organization sends out documents, be they word documents, spread sheets, presentations or simple emails they should be polished. IT training backs up your financial investment in your IT hardware and all your marketing collateral. It also shows the world how much you value your business from the inside out.

How much is that worth to your organization?


 How much is IT worth to your organization?

Credibility takes a lifetime to build – and a moment to dismantle.

What do you want your business to be known for? What makes your business the winner? Values, ethics, great customer service, innovation, creativity, products, lifestyle, employment opportunities, business culture, the people it serves and the people who serve them?

The list is endless…but one thing is for your sure, nothing in your business can happen without PEOPLE

If you want your business to be the best, with a reputation for being the best, then you need to invest in the best. So let others do their best by giving them the support, time, tools and resources they need to excel.

The IT Training Surgery can help you build credibility with your clients and customers by helping you to get the all-important message about your brand out to your staff. By teaching them the how and the why your organization will have better work done in less time, look more professional and improve productivity.

Give us a call to discuss your organizational learning needs – we love helping our clients promote a professional image and build their credibility.

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