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Why commission a Learning Needs Analysis?

Why bother with a Learning Needs Analysis?

Learning Needs AnalysisIn a full day workshop held in my early days as an IT Trainer, we would as usual, open with a session to get attendees to interact and engage in the training from the off. Susan made it clear she was not sure why she was on the course and felt that her abilities in the topic were good enough, therefore what else was there left for her to learn?

Tom and Alice were both from the same company, in the same department, in different roles, but felt there was no need for them both to be attending on this one topic when one of them hardly had any need of it.

And James, Alex and Jo were all clearly at different confidence and ability levels on this one IT topic. So, it would be hard to gauge who was going to get the most out of the training and what would be the collective benefit for them and the business.

It was therefore clear at the outset that some were under a carte blanche instruction from their HR department to attend the workshop, irrespective of their specific IT training needs.  For the attendees it was really a day away from the office for them.

And then there were others who had voiced a really specific IT training need to their employer. Sending them on a general IT course was the answer – apparently! The reality is that the nugget they needed was probably buried somewhere later in the day’s agenda after the basics (which they already knew) were covered. By the time their topic was on offer, they had switched off!

How could each of these attendees be motivated about their IT training and each get what they needed from it?

For many, a full day, general IT training workshops, are a pain!

Up to 8 people with something in common….

IT pain!

What else do they have in common?

A different IT pain!

Therefore conventional IT training, out of the office, is clearly not the answer for any of them. One size does not fit all, each of these team members would have benefited from a more in depth Learning Needs Analysis.

By listening to exactly what the team needed to learn on an individual basis, the business is demonstrating a commitment to improving the capability of each team member to do their job. If staff are not capable, the job won’t be done on time or within budget.

A further benefit of a Learning Needs Analysis is that it can be tied to the business objectives. This means that not only do staff get the training they want themselves, it is also aligned to the goals of the business, whether in staff development, or improving the bottom line.

The IT Training Surgery provides an online Learning Needs Analysis. Each staff member will complete it. We will then analyse it and have a discussion with the person commissioning the learning about the goals for the learning delivery.

Once we fully understand the business needs, a plan will be recommended and then put into practice.

Remember – linking learning to a business need will improve your bottom line.

To discuss a Learning Needs Analysis for your team, give us a call on 020 8203 1774  or email us

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2 thoughts on “Why commission a Learning Needs Analysis?

    Having worked for a company who sent whole teams on IT training days when only one or two people needed training, it’s good to learn that there’s such a thing as Learning Needs Analysis.

    Good points about training going to the people who need it and that a ‘blanket’ training day is seen by some as ‘Whoop! A day off work!”
    IT training can be factored in to a business plan. If it can be done at worrk, would that be feasible?

    Interesting article, thank you.

    This sounds like a great idea. I have sat in so many training sessions with un-engaged people, myself included. I will bear this service in mind. Thank you.

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