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Why did Ed use on-line training courses for Microsoft Office to boost his skills?

decided to take the plunge and set up his own business as a Business Management Consultant. He knew that he would have to be prepared to don a number of different hats in his working day from now on, at a moments notice.

He intended to collaborate with like-minded business entrepreneurs, build a strong team and support it all with a range of empowering digital tools and resources. His corporate background had given him unprecedented experience and insight in his field and he knew that going alone would require him to work smarter, not harder, to achieve his vision of growing a global business.

He called me in to help him see exactly where he needed to concentrate his IT skills, to get the most out of his time and to set up business templates, styles and so forth so he could hit the ground running. In 2 hours we had covered the basics he needed – or so I thought.

Then he said: “What if I get stuck on how to do X, Y, Z functions with Excel or PowerPoint for example? Then what do I do? Where will I find the help without wading through manuals? Where will I find the time to sort that out?  I just need to get to the bit I need!”

For Ed, the small ‘stuff’ of business ownership, was a hat he did not really want to wear, but initially he would have to get on with it. He was intent that IT issues would not own him.

For Ed, this was his pain!

(And being the forward thinker that he was, Ed wanted to know how that pain could be resolved before it even started! Nice one, Ed!)

How could Ed as an entrepreneur work smarter not harder and resolve any IT issues as they arose, quickly, easily and cost effectively?

As with every entrepreneur, his time is his money and even more so when there is no one to delegate smaller and routine tasks to. He is already thinking ahead about how the smaller things in business can often take the longest. Clearly a day out of the office on a conventional IT training workshop is out of the question for him and with his busy schedule even a 90 minute one to one training session would require planning, time and money.

He wants to work smarter not harder. He wants answers at his fingertips!

So we designed and delivered an online, on demand,  IT training resource keeping time loss on the small IT issues to a minimum and looking after his cash flow and his bottom line.

So, if an on-line resource helps Ed, just think what it could do for the others too and YOUR bigger business picture!

Take a look at our on-line training courses over on You can follow the learning as it is structured or you can jump in and learn just what you need – the choice is yours.

We have  on-line training courses for :

Go on – hop over and jump in. It’s a small investment of $49 per course. Just think how much time you will save as a result.



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