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How can an employee get their work done in less time?

Get more done in less timeJennifer worked within a City accountancy practice and was commissioned the task of collating a large number of reports from different departments within the business. However, ‘collating’ was really not the task at all, as all the documents needed to be formatted and published in a house style that reflected the company’s professional image.

From past experience, she knew this would typically take her several hours to reformat each document. It was a task that neither inspired or used her own unique talents to their full potential and would mean that other administrative tasks would be piling up for attention whilst she was busy with this one.

For Jennifer, this was a pain!

How could Jennifer complete the task to the highest standard in less time?

I introduced her to the joy of Templates! In the 1½ hours I spent training her one to one, she discovered how styles could be formatted once and used forever more, over and over again. That individual attention was bespoke and delivered with her and her task completely in mind. She completed the task in a third if the time she had allowed for it.

What would knowing about Templates and Styles do for your business?

  • Show a consistent image and attention to details to all your clients and prospective clients
  • Demonstrate that you understand the value of your brand as you are using it consistently
  • Save your people hours of formatting time, giving them the space to focus on creation of the message not the way it looks.

Can you afford to ignore the time wasted on formatting your business documents? It is well known that Time is Money!

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3 thoughts on “How can an employee get their work done in less time?

    How funny, I was thinking today that I spend way too much time trying to find and format images for my blogs and that there must be an easier/quicker way. So that’s the solution: templates! Love it!

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