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Blog roundup for the first 8 days of 30 day challenge!

Do you hate missing anything?

What did you miss?Well you may have missed the fact that I have entered a 30 day blogging challenge meaning publishing one blog a day for 30 days! Yes mad I know as it is a lot of work. However when I do sit down to write, I enjoy it. I hope that you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy creating them.

Below is a list of the posts from the first 8 days.




Why bother training your staff? Today’s software can do it all!

With software that can do anything from help you write a book, to analyse a ton of data, why bother training your staff?

Five benefits of helping staff to learn

Learn about five of the benefits of helping your staff to learn.

How much time does your organisation waste?

Find out how much time can be wasted when staff don’t know how to do things the first time!

Should training be linked to a business need?

Whey link training to a business need? Some ideas here.

Which way do you absorb information?

We all have different learning styles, learn about how these can impact the way you absorb information.

We passed – Accredited Learning Provider 4 years in a row

Very proud to announce that The IT Training Surgery has been accredited as a Learning Provider by The Learning and Performance Institute for the 4th year in a row.

Even Trainers need to learn

Find out why even trainers need to keep on learning.

How to Print Headings in Microsoft Excel 2013

Here is this week’s Friday Tip – a new tip to help you be more productive with Microsoft Office is published each Friday. This week, how to get those pesky headings to print on every page.

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