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How often do you go to a training course that is not quite right?


How often have you gone on a training course and come away thinking that you had a fabulous day, met some great people, had a slap up lunch but what was the real benefit to your company?

This is familiar ground and something that happens often.

How about this scenario:

You need to learn how to perform a mail merge – great – off you go on a Word Intermediate course. Never mind that you

  • know everything else or
  • don’t need anything else from the course.

So you sit through the course nodding off and when the all-important bit about Mail Merge comes up you miss it as you were switched off.

Or you take the important bit about Mail Merge back with you but forget the other things that are simply not as relevant to your needs at the moment.

Your company has not only paid out the cost of the course in monetary terms – it has also paid in time. Time that you were away from your desk – a whole day of time when all you really needed was an hour or at most two.

How much better for your organization to have a trainer come in and teach you only those parts of the software that you need to get on with your job. So fulfilling your exact learning need and matching up to the business goals.

With this approach your company can get up to 6 people trained up to get on with their work in a short space of time. They each learn only what they need which matches up with the business objectives of saving time and producing more output.

Next time you need to go on a course or send some of your staff, think about exactly what you and your organisation’s needs are.

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