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How to apply Styles to Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

How to apply Styles to Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

When we talk about applying styles to slides – it can be one of several things.

  • The style of the whole presentation
  • The style of a shape
  • The style of text

So here is a quick overview of how to change each of these styles.

Change the style of the whole presentation

Apply a design theme – this will change the whole presentation and give it a new look.

Notice in the picture below, I have hovered over the Ion Boardroom design, PowerPoint shows me what it will look like. To confirm, click on the design and it will be applied throughout. You can choose one of the variants of the design theme from the variants group.

Figure - apply a design theme










Figure – apply a design theme


Change the style of a shape

To change the style of a shape, first click on the shape you want to style

Then select one of the pre-set styles from the Format Shape Ribbon

Figure - shape styles













Figure – shape styles

Change the style of text

This is general formatting or you can change normal text into Word Art.

Select the text you want to style

From the Format Drawing Tools Ribbon select the Text Style you want to apply

Figure - text styles









Figure – text styles

The text will now appear with the style you chose

Figure – style is applied





Figure – style is applied


Has this tip helped you? Leave a comment in the box below telling me how – I love to hear from my readers.

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