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Staff Morale

When staff are properly trained to do their job, they are happier at work. The organization has shown that they care by investing in training and this in turn shows in the way that trained staff go on to perform their jobs.

Imagine that you are given a large report to write, it is your first month on the job and you are anxious to make a great impression. However you have never been taught how to create a report in a way that is professional and fast.

You ask for some training and are fobbed off with a member of your team who is busy and mumbles a few instructions on how to format your document.

You end up feeling demoralized, you don’t know how to do things the way this organization wants and you are not being given the tools to do the job.

You go ahead and try to create a professional looking report but it takes you three times as long as your colleagues – and it does not look as professional – you feel like a fool.

Does this ring a bell?

Contrast this with what happens to Jane. She is new in post and in her first few weeks has various meetings with her line manager where they discover exactly what her strengths and weaknesses are.

A personalized training plan is created for Jane detailing the skills she needs support with and a timeline to acquire them. Jane goes away feeling encouraged and valued as the organization is investing in her.

The training is booked and undertaken and Jane is fully engaged recognizing the value to her future development.

The work that Jane produces is professional, follows the organizations style guide and makes a fantastic first impression, it did not take her too long as she was able to focus on the content and not the creation.

The result- a member of staff who will go the extra mile and who can produce her work in an efficient and professional way.

How wonderful it would be if all of your staff were as motivated. 

How do you motivate your staff?

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